Best of Home, Best of School


At Chapin Academy, we blend the best of home and Christian private education by partnering with families to develop college-worthy disciples of Christ for future generations. Modeled after a university-schedule, students take classes two days a week with qualified, Christian instructors in a small class of like-minded students and spend the other three days a week learning under the guidance of loving and dedicated parents at home.




At Chapin Academy, we believe that our faith in Christ impacts every aspect of life.  Our curriculum incorporates God’s plan for His children and for the world He created into every subject we teach.  Our staff is dedicated to both teaching and modeling Biblical values.



We recognize parents as the first and most important source of influence over their children.  Our university-schedule approach to instruction strengthens the God-ordained family unit.  Students learn alongside their siblings three days each week under the guidance of their parents. Our goal is to support parents by relieving the time restraints of lesson planning and record keeping so that parents can focus on enjoying quality time training their children.  Most importantly, the days of home instruction allow parents the time needed to pass on their faith and values.


Educating with Excellence

Our goal is to provide all students with the skills needed to accomplish whatever work the Lord may call them to!  Our college-preparatory curriculum and small class size will prepare students for whatever tasks are in their future.  Chapin Academy teachers have college degrees in their area of expertise or a related field and are passionate about passing on their knowledge!